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A logo reveal is like a bookend to a video that helps your company name stick in the potential client/investor/customer’s mind. It’s also a great addition to any YouTube channel.

The most spectacular way for your logos to appear. You may put them to a good use in TV ads and ads in cinema, on widescreens in public places (either outdoors or indoors), on your website as a mini intro or for any other purpose you can possibly imagine! The ways you may use logo reveals are truly limitless because of high technical quality of this product (HD quality and premium design).

From car parts coming to life to text animaiton, we can create many types of 2D or 3D creations you can dream.

Logo Beautification

We take your simple flat 2d logo, name, icon and transform it into a stunning sleek visual expression of motion design. Wither you need a 5 second, 15 second or even 30 second intro for your presentation, webcast, YouTube channel to whatever you may need, here at Interactive Virtual Media Group of Companies we have you covered with our team of developers, designers and artists. we got your back!

Get Me Sponsored

Get your company, organization or charity sponsored correctly in your presentations or promotions. Wither you are featuring a title sponsor or mulitple corporate sponsors for an event, showcase them right! We can help you in creating stunning intros for your sponsors.

                                                           From Static to Dynamic in just a few days.

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