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Interactive Virtual Media proudly serves the Calgary and area with a strategic network of partners, suppliers, vendors and event specialists.

From in online product launches, Kick starter campaigns or promotional events, we have you covered. In the world of launch’s and events, its all about the experiences and those involved in bringing it together. Interactive Virtual Media pulls it all together with unparalleled prfoessonalism and service. We believe in creating events that represent your message while bringing togther local business to promote it.

Hailed As The “Go-To” Company for Creativity

Get it done right!

Whether you are hosting a conference, tradeshow or product launch, our team can customize any branding needs. Our graphics department is equipped with the latest software to create custom digital designs, motion graphics and videography according to your branding requirements and our capabilities enables us to on a variety of levels  to create a seamless and effective event whatever it may be and the promotions leading up to it.

Local Partnerships

Behind every event is a motif…a purpose. And whether it is influencing, celebrating or entertaining, how we convey that message and with whom, is fundamental to the success of the event. For that, we must go beyond traditional aesthetics and approach. We must design concepts that involve elements not customarily done. Interactive Virtual Media approaches event experiences from thier inception to execution in an invigorating new appraoch leaving no detail untouched.

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Well we definitely have you covered in this department. We are the Kings and Queens of product promotion through Motion Graphics and animation as well as live videography. Wither you need to showcase your new iPhone app in a live scenario, or graphically through custom animation and motion graphics we are your one stop shop:)